We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. We believe that as a company, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our planet and to give back to those in need.

Longevity & kaizen

At Aquaplanet we are both outsiders and designers, so that is how we’ve approached our Environmental and Social Responsibility policies. We are happiest out on the water; be it on canals, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, lochs or the sea. We make products for ordinary people and experts to get outside into nature, onto the water, for relaxation, exploration and exercise. We are also designers and so we are always asking ‘how can we do this better? How can we improve this?’ It’s a big part of a designer’s professional training to constantly question, analyse, review, refine, hone, iterate and improve.

Since we made our very first paddle board.

We’ve been constantly tweaking the designs, the materials and the way we package and deliver our products. Our current range of boards and accessories...

A blend of displacement bow shaping and mellow rocker allows fast progress through calm or choppy waters. The 32 inch width allied to a smooth tapering, kickpad equipped tail make manoeuvring this SUP deceptively easy. It’s inherent stability will have you confidently moving around the board and tackling strong flows and rolling seas with ease.

A versatile setup with capacious, adjustable front and rear stowage and configurable fins means this board will serve you well on both overnight camping trips and ad-hoc day paddling.

Built to be capable in all waters, from flat to white, and to excite the widest range of paddlers from beginner to seasoned explorer, this SUP is ready to expand your paddling horizons with maximum fun factor.

Our position on plastic.

Our products are made of several different types of plastics and polymers. The materials we use are primarily chosen for strength and durability, and at present they are the only materials available to make inflatable paddle boards that last...

Working with our manufacturing partners to speed up and scale up the use of alternative materials is our number one innovation focus. Although the availability of viable recycled plastic material is developing fast, unfortunately, at the moment, we can only use alternatives such as Yulex and recycled Ocean plastic for small elements of our products.

Recycled and alternative materials aren’t yet as durable so the products don’t last as long, and across the manufacture and supply , product longevity is the key to emissions reduction.

Reducing our carbon footprint.

We are always looking to improve our packaging materials too, so we are trialling paper-based alternatives. However, some plastic wrapping plays an incredibly important role in reducing the carbon footprint of your paddle boards...

Damaged products - even just a cosmetic scuff - need to be returned for repair or recycling, doubling the freight and shipping emissions. Emissions that far outweigh the footprint of the protective plastic wrappers. It’s a complex conundrum to which we are working hard to find a solution.

Our constant Kaizen analysis of our impact and our Netzero ambition means that we are now trialling specialist recycling systems for truly end of life products. We are looking forward to releasing our first 2nd Life products, made from recycled paddleboards, to try and make our products as circular and long-lasting as possible.

Our first principle is longevity.

The most sustainable products are the ones that last for years and years. So we’ve designed ours to be tough and durable, and over the years we have designed-out features that may have been points of weakness...

If you take care of our boards they will be the only ones you’ll ever need.

From day one we’ve made repair and reuse a central part of the way our company operates, and we’re constantly looking for ways to use more sustainable materials and more responsible systems.

We have our own 2nd Life facility in Wiltshire where damaged boards and paddles are repaired, revitalised and sent back out into the world for another family to enjoy.

Positive impact partners

As part of that we are working with several organisations to off-set our unavoidable emissions. We have chosen partners Project Seagrass and Surfers Against Sewage, who focus on the preservation and development of existing nature-based solutions close to home. Ecosystems that are not only powerful and natural Carbon sinks, but also the very places our team and our customers cherish most of all.

We are using the Carbon Trust’s templates and tools to work towards PAS60 Netzero Certification by 2030. We are committed to helping reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 13 & 14: “To Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, and to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. We are also partners with British Canoeing and Surfers Against Sewage, who both work tirelessly to ensure everyone can enjoy paddling in safe and clean waterways.

Our events

We love being part of (and hosting our own) events as it gives us a chance to showcase our boards while raising money for a good cause. Most recently we teamed up with Frank Water for their Stand Up For Safe Water 2022 event.

We know that what’s good for our environment is good for our business. We know that as a responsible company, we will only thrive and grow if our people and our planet thrive too.

We believe that because we have oversight and control of every process, from design and manufacture, through shipping and fulfilment, to repair, reuse and recycling, we can maximise our positive impact and minimise any potential harm.

Our founders have been working with our manufacturing partners in China for over twenty years, and we now have our own dedicated factory so we not only have oversight of the process, but control as well. They only make Aquaplanet products, so we never have to compromise and they have no pressure from other brands to cut corners.

We’ve visited hundreds of times and know the team and the staff as friends. That long relationship means that we trust them. They can and do change anything we ask to improve our products, often overnight, and they have truly become Kaizen partners in our relentless quest to constantly improve.

This long relationship means that we also have close control and understanding of our whole supply chain. From raw materials and specialist components, to shipping and fulfilment, we leave nothing to chance.

We only work with companies who share our ethos and commitment to maximum efficiency with minimum impact.

As part of our Kaizen approach we’re now tracking and analysing the carbon footprint of our entire operation, from design to end of life. This is giving us constantly evolving insight into how we can minimise and mitigate our impact.